Welcome to SimpCha

SimpCha is the perfect amount of Process, Planning, Documentation and Know-How to turn business need into IT opportunity.

SimpCha is a project of mine dedicated to the "smart application" of IT principles in a real world environment. In my experience I have seen the "never ending pursuit" of ITSM nirvana at the expense of just getting the mission done. And the at the other extreme, the complete lack of any common practices because it "slows us down too much" and "creates too much extra work”. Neither of these organizational mis-directions should exist. So what should replace them?

In a healthy Business-IT relationship there are clear (and well documented) boundaries. These boundaries are based on need and it is always the need of the business that drives the existence of IT. These needs are expressed as requirements. Requirements are matured into capabilities. The capabilities are managed, documented, changed and retired in predictable processes. This “predictable Process” is SimpCha.


The SimpCha approach is using:

  • predefined process
  • process documented templates
  • business IT framework